MHMR of Tarrant County – Arlington Clinic for Youth and Adults

Provides services to families with infants and toddlers (ages birth to 36 months) who have developmental delays or disabilities. Services are provided in the child’s natural environment, such as home, childcare, or wherever children live, learn and play. Services include but are not limited to: speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistive technology, nutrition and feeding, behavioral intervention, counseling, case management, family education, and training. Referrals can be made as soon as a delay is suspected and do not need to be made by a professional. Parents, grandparents, childcare providers, or health care workers can refer a child to ECI. If you notice your child is not reaching developmental milestones by a certain age, you can make a referral to ECI. Here are a few milestone examples: My child is not: Rolling Crawling Sitting Eating Walking Talking Playing with others Responding to others. For more examples, see ECI’s Developmental Milestones Checklist.

601 W Sanford St Ste 11
Arlington, TX 76011 Tarrant

(817) 569-4900    (888) 754-0524    Arlington Clinic for Youth and Adults   

Program Name: Early Childhood Intervention-Sanford
Services: Applied Behavioral Analysis, Case/Care Management, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Early Identification Programs, Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays, Family Counseling, Health/Disability Related Counseling, Home Based Parenting Education, Language Therapy, Nutrition Assessment Services, Nutrition Education, Pediatric Developmental Assessment, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Physical/Occupational Therapy Aids, Psychiatric Case Management, Speech and Language Evaluations
Hours Of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00 pm
Coverage Areas: Cooke, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Johnson, Navarro, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant and Wise Counties

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