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The State of Texas offers social services to help meet needs (such as food assistance and housing) and offer other assistance (i.e. apply for unemployment, SSI benefits, etc.) to Texas residents. 2-1-1 Texas is a state resource for locating and accessing some of these services and assistance.

Many resources are available for Texans with mental and behavioral health concerns. These include Medicaid and services through your local mental health and behavioral health authorities (LMHAs/LBHAs). These are excellent starting places when you’re looking for mental and behavioral health care or have been assessed with mental illness. You can access these resources whether you have no insurance or publicly or privately funded insurance.

Please call to learn what services your local LMHA offers and find out whether you’re eligible. They provide services based on county. To find services, you need to know which county you live in. If you know what county you live in, you can visit the Texas Health and Human Services web page to find your LMHA or LBHA. 

You can also explore available state social services on the following pages:

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