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Our eLearning resources have been created to bring more knowledge and understanding to the general public about behavioral health conditions.

These learning modules are available to the public, are completely anonymous and give the opportunity for individuals to review what they have learned upon completion. Each module takes no more than 30 minutes to complete prior to the optional review.

We encourage you to watch and complete the modules and share what you learn with others.

What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health describes a person’s behaviors and their overall wellness. It may include Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Diet, Exercise and Substance Use.

Who are the modules for?

The modules are for anyone interested in learning more about behavioral health conditions.

They are for…

…those seeking understanding of their own condition(s).

…those seeking understanding of someone else’s condition(s).

…public service workers seeking to understand more about behavioral health conditions.

…anyone who wants to learn more about behavioral health conditions in general.

Why were the modules created?

Many behavioral health conditions are common but still misunderstood. The modules shed light on these conditions and eliminate the stigma that can be present.

Our hope is that these modules help to give someone in need of direction a way forward, either as the recipient of help and support, or as the supporter.

Watch. Learn. Support.

To Complete the Modules,
Visit Behavioral Health Awareness Training

For More Information and Additional Resources, Visit MentalHealthTX.org

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