Survivor to Thriver – Trauma Peer Support Group

701 North 10th Street 701 North 10th Street, Killeen, TX

Healing Together Join Kristin Wright as she leads a trauma support group of survivors of childhood trauma. Survivor to Thriver is an inclusive, safe, accepting space for people of all backgrounds to share their experiences and to heal together. The Morris Center Model Survivor to Thriver uses the Adult Survivors of Child Abuse program model […]

The Intersection of Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders

The Council Room 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX

Eating disorders and substance use disorders share a significant overlap with each illness impacting the other. This presentation will review the areas of crossover between eating disorders and substance use disorders, as well as what distinguishes one from the other. Treatment strategies for comorbid presentations and interventions for emerging cases will be examined. Presented by […]

General Caregiver Support Group

Hope and Healing Center & Institute 5025 Riverway Dr, Houston, TX

This group is for any caregiver seeking support. *All registrants will receive an email with the meeting Zoom link 2 days, 2 hours, and 10 minutesbefore the group meets for each date.* Available in-person and online. Registration:

The Impact of Childhood Trauma


This first webinar in the series will focus on exploring what childhood trauma is, how traumatic responses may look different in children, and learn how childhood trauma can influence our well-being into adulthood. Discuss what factors influence the intensity of trauma reactions and what we can do to decrease the impact in this one-hour webinar […]

Mental Health in the Workplace- Compassionate Colleagues


Did you know that up to 89% of workers with mental health issues report it impacting upon their working lives? At iungo, we want to change this, so we're providing a free information webinar on mental health in the workplace. Come along for some expert advice from mental health advocate Mark Williams and learn about […]

Understanding Psychotherapy: What to Expect & How it Works


For many of us, what happens in therapy is a mystery: Does it really work? Who benefits? How can I find a good therapist? Discuss the reasons why people go to therapy, what the process truly looks like, and how to find a qualified professional in this one-hour seminar. Fine print: Certificates of attendance are provided at no […]

Meditation for Breaking TRAUMA BONDS


Do you have someone you need to let go of but can't? Trauma bonds can be so hard to break, but the process is necessary for mental health and emotional wellbeing. Try this 10 minute routine with Courtney, a Brain Education instructor in Boston, to practice breaking trauma bonds. Registration:

Free Virtual Eating Disorder Support Group


BALANCE eating disorder treatment centeris proud to offer a free virtual support group that provides an opportunity to those contemplating some form of treatment for concerns related to eating, food and body image. The group provides a supportive forum within which members can explore issues including ambivalence about engaging in treatment, recovery, resources and treatment options and knowing when […]

Heard. A Mental Health Check In


Mental health problems are common and there are many effective ways to deal with them. Heard is one of those ways. This online event is a check-in to help you cope with day-to-day stresses and common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These sessions are held in a safe space and are hosted to […]

Eating for Mental Wellness


This seminar will be discussing ways to enhance your mental well-being through food! We will discuss talk about incorporating a robust variety of brain boosting foods for cognitive function, mood/happiness and ways to combat stress/anxiety/depression with a food first approach! We will dive into why a food first approach should be considered when dealing with […]

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Group

15290 Huebner Road 1520 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX

If you are caring for someone with dementia, who is caring for you? You are not alone. This informational, supportive group will help you to learn more about the disease as well as understand their feelings about the changes dementia has made on their daily lives. Support groups can also help you: Learn practical caregiving […]

We Belong – Teen Meet Up

YWCA Greater Austin 2015 Interstate 35 #110, Austin, TX

Do you feel out of place? Noticing you’re having some hard days? This is a group or “club” that promotes connection, emotional safety, and expression to find your groove again. Includes activities that help you self-regulate and express yourself! No cost, in person, 90 min group for teens 13-17 Group starts February 16th and runs […]

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