ETHICS Addressing mental health for vulnerable populations.


Truly Disadvantaged: Addressing mental health for vulnerable populations (3 Ethics CEs) Significant disparities, including risk factors, access to healthcare, morbidity, and mortality, continue in vulnerable populations. Studies find that Americans living in poverty are much more likely to be in fair or poor health and have disabling conditions and are less likely to have used […]


Understanding Social Anxiety


It's normal to feel nervous in some social situations, but social anxiety disorder involves more than temporary discomfort when giving a presentation or making small talk. Everyday interactions cause intense feelings of anxiety and fear that disrupt relationships, daily routines, and performance at work and school. Explore the symptoms of social anxiety disorder, learn what the […]

Mindfulness for Anxiety Management: Practical Techniques for Finding Calm


Welcome to our online event, Mindfulness for Anxiety Management: Practical Techniques for Finding Calm! Join us for a session filled with tips and tricks to help you navigate through anxious moments with ease. Learn practical techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine to promote calmness and peace of mind. Whether you're new to mindfulness or looking to deepen your […]


Mindful Mondays Drop in Meditation Series


In this space, we will explore meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. Set the tone of your week with simple and effective meditation practice. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment focused on being present in the moment.

Mental Health Support Group

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. You will gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others, and the groups are led by trained leaders who've been there. NAMI’s support groups are unique because they follow a […]

Poetry Therapy


Join us and de-stress with poetry! We will learn the structure of micro poems such as American Sentence, Haiku, and Sijo. Examples included for each form. Second half of class will be used for writing, sharing your work is optional. Lastly, we end the class with a free-form writing prompt for mental health wellness.

The Science Behind Mental Illness


Diagnosing mental illness isn't like diagnosing other chronic diseases. Are mental health disorders best understood as physical illnesses that affect the brain? Or do these disorders belong in a category all their own? Explore the causes, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and separate myths & facts in this often-misunderstood topic. Fine print: Certificates of attendance are provided […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace Training: Cultivating a Stress-Resilient Work Environment


Welcome to our online event focusing on mindfulness in the workplace! Join us for a session dedicated to helping you and your team build a stress-resilient work environment. Learn practical techniques to enhance focus, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being at work. Our expert trainers will guide you through interactive sessions and provide valuable insights on incorporating mindfulness […]


Thrive Fest

Boys & Girls Club of Austin 6648 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin, United States

You’re invited to Thrive Fest! Join us for a fun, informative festival for young people and their families. There will be live performances by talented students, engaging activities, and inspiring speakers from our community. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with various organizations and explore tangible physical and mental health resources for your family. […]


Yoga for Anxiety & Depression (Virtual)


Join Kristen Lee, LCSW, CTP of Healing Circle Counseling for her bi-weekly (virtual) yoga group centered on alleviating depression and anxiety with accessible yoga practices. Sessions are held virtually, every other Monday, at 2:00PM from January 8th through April 29th (9 total sessions). No yoga experience or equipment required. Registration:

Mental Health & Mental Illness: What’s the Difference?


While these terms are often used interchangeably, mental health and mental illness are not the same -- and this misunderstanding can cause us to overlook the signs that someone needs help. This one-hour seminar provides an accessible guide to understanding what mental health is, the categories of mental illness, and how they’re treated. Separate myths & […]

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