Fostering Progress: Mentoring and Mental Health


Fostering Progress: Mentoring and Mental Health: Youth Impacted by Foster Care Systemsis a virtual event in Silver Lining Institute's series aimed at teaching best practices for mentoring youth in foster care and providing practical resources/tools to the field of youth mentoring. In the March 24th, 2023 session we will focus on mental health. In this session, […]

Chronic Illness/Pain Support (VIRTUAL) – Spring 2023


Support group for those who have a chronic illness or pain. Join others to connect on topics such as the impact on mental health, feelings of disconnection from others, having diagnosis dismissed, social injustices, etc. No-cost group, open to adults of all genders, ages 18+ who live in Texas. Meets for 1.5 hours on Mondays, […]

Understanding Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is a lifelong illness that changes how you think, feel, and act. A combination of hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking and behavior can be debilitating. Explore the causes, symptoms, co-occurring disorders, and treatment of schizophrenia, and gain practical tips for managing symptoms and supporting loved ones with a licensed therapist. Fine print: Certificates of attendance are provided […]

Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder


People often label others as narcissists without having a clear understanding of what this diagnosis really means. Explore the signs and symptoms, causes, and treatment of this often-misunderstood diagnosis. Separate myths and facts and learn how to manage symptoms and support loved ones with a licensed therapist. Fine print: Certificates of attendance are provided at no cost. […]

Understanding Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another


At the heart of Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another (previously Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) is concern that a caregiver is either lying about an illness in a child or dependent adult or has caused real symptoms in an otherwise healthy person.  Learn the signs and symptoms of this disorder and what motivates a caregiver to cause […]

Building Strength and Connecting to Intuition : Motivational Interviewing and Affirmation Skills for Youth and Young Adults


This workshop is for General Behavioral Health Professionals. Whether voluntarily sought or mandated to treatment, help seekers come to address problems in their lives. In this session, we will discuss how building strengths and affirmations helps promote self-efficacy and confidence that can fuel the change process. This session will focus specifically on using affirmation with […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Motivational Interviewing as School Mental Providers: Thinking through How to Integrate Interventions


This workshop is for the School Mental Health Workforce. Motivational interviewing and standard versions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are powerful and effective strategies to help students and their families realize change. Although both are very effective, practitioners are often challenged by the decision to use one intervention for a variety of school-based social and emotional […]

Developmentally Responsive Motivational Interviewing for School Based Providers: Having Strategic Conversations About Change with Young People and their Caregivers


This workshop is for the School Mental Health Workforce. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a well-researched and broadly applied practice that enables us to have conversations about change with diverse individuals. Practitioners use MI with adolescents, young adults, and parents to successfully support their values and guide them toward their own desired change targets.  In this […]

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