U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – El Paso Vet Center

Provides readjustment counseling for eligible veterans, service members, and their families in the effort to make a successful transition from military to civilian life. Readjustment counseling is a wide range of psycho social services which include:

    -Individual and group counseling

    -Family counseling for military related issues

    -Bereavement counseling for families who experience an active duty death

    -Military sexual trauma counseling and referral

    -Substance abuse assessment and referral

    -Employment assessment and referral

    -VBA benefits explanation and referral

    -Outreach and education including PDHRA, community events, etc.

    -Screening and referral for medical issues including TBI, depression, etc.

1155 Westmoreland Dr Ste 121
El Paso, TX 79925 El Paso

El Paso Vet Center   

Program Name: Readjustment Counseling
Services: Employment Services, Health and Wellness, Veteran Benefits Assistance, Veterans
Coverage Areas: TX

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