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The Mental Health Impacts of Surviving COVID-19: Implications for School Mental Health Systems Leaders and Providers

June 25, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

How might the experience of surviving COVID-19 and experiencing long-haul COVID-19 impact mental health, and what can and should we as school mental health providers and leaders understand about that experience?

Join us for a special conversation on June 25 with four survivors of COVID-19, all of whom identify as long-haulers, people who “have not fully recovered from COVID-19 weeks or even months after first experiencing symptoms,” according to Harvard Health. Like Derek, Karla, Mieka, and Jessica, “some long haulers experience continuous symptoms for weeks or months, while others feel better for weeks, then relapse with old or new symptoms. The constellation of symptoms long haulers experience, sometimes called post-COVID-19 syndrome” (Harvard Health: If you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus). Dr. Mauseth will provide an overview about Long COVID behavioral health.

This conversation is crucial, especially as schools begin or resume to gather learning in person. As our speakers will share, trauma may be now surfacing because people aren’t needing to focus on surviving; this trauma is surfacing as schools are reopening and as survivors are now beginning to process their experience and new realities.

  • Together, Derek, Karla, Mieka, and Jessica will discuss and share:
    • The potential Impact on students who have had COVID or have trauma associated with COVID
    • How students might be impacted because their caregiver had COVID and is a long-hauler
    • How students might be impacted because their teacher or administrator had COVID and is a long-hauler
    • The anger, hypervigilance, isolation, and feelings of being unseen, unbelieved, dismissed, misunderstood experienced when navigating COVID and now in the long-hauler experience
    • The need for structural policy response and solutions for COVID survivors
    • Long-haulers’ reflections and responses to your questions to enhance your practice

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